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Why use a heat exchange system?

  • Water heating contributes to a large portion of a households energy consumption, accounting for up to 60%. A heat exchange system can reduce this portion of a households electricity
    consumption by up to 65%.
  • By replacing the traditional water geyser element with a heat exchange system you can produce 3kW of heating with 750W of energy consumption


How does it work?

  • A thermal low pressure integrated heat exchange system is designed to reduce electricity consumption by harnessing
    ambient heat in the atmosphere and transferring this heat to the water stored in the insulated water tank.
  • The low pressure insulated water tank acts as a hot water battery that stores water at 60′ Celsius. This water remains in the tank to heat water that is passed through the system. The high pressure water supplied by the water mains, enters the hot water tank through a heating coil placed inside the stored hot water and this is where the heat exchange takes place. By the time the water exits the heating coil it is up to temperature. The heat pump monitors the temperature of the water inside the water storage tank and regulates it to maintain the pre-determined temperature.