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Alstee Reviews is a neutral reviews and e-commerce platform.

The user or member must ensure that he/she is duly registered, recorded, and insured as may be required. This includes, but is not limited to registration at the South African Revenue Services and CIPRO. The user/member must insure itself against any eventuality and maintain such insurance for the duration of the membership period.


It is expected that all members and users conduct themselves in a professional, legitimate, and moral manner at all times while utilizing the platform. accepts and acts on information supplied by the user and it is deemed to be correct and true upon face value thereof as supplied by the user or member.

Prohibited/controlled items

Only legitimate goods or services may be displayed. No illegal publication of any nature whatsoever may be displayed or posted. This includes, but is not limited to, the sale, transport, offer, and provision of

The discretion to the identification of any item, service, or publication vests entirely within Their decision will be final and binding and not subject to any appeal or correspondence in any way whatsoever.

No copyright, user, intellectual property rights, or material may be infringed.

It will be deemed that the user posted any placement if done from the user name as Alstee Revies does not have to prove the identity of the person at any stage.

In the event of any contravention to the posting rules, Alstee Reviews will have the right to suspend, restrict or control usage at its own discretion.

The aforesaid does not prohibit or limit any other action any person may institute against the user which will remain fully liable in terms of the law.

PAIA / POPI – Use without changes.

Indemnity will at no stage accept any liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever. This includes any liability or responsibility for any acts of negligence, misconduct, misrepresentation, disclosure of information, or any other nature.

It is deemed that by acceptance hereof that the user, member, his/her dependents, or heirs accept that will not be held accountable for any actions and expressly indemnify against all and any claims of any nature whatsoever.

The indemnity is deemed reasonable, accepted, and may be enforced at any Court of Law, institution, or forum where actions may be instituted.


Certain parts of the service may be provided and supported by affiliates of  allocated by may change, alter, amend or suspend any of the services without any liability incurred for any damages or losses of any nature for any reason for any period of time.

The member represents, warrants and agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete business information about him/herself and its business references at all times.

Members will not conduct any such action which may interfere, hinder, delay or obstruct the electronic and/or support systems of in any way whatsoever.

No illegal or unauthorized content may be displayed.

Members are deemed to have obtained all required and necessary authorization, permissions, and mandates when posting information. may actively monitor all electronic activities but is not obliged to do so.

The member is aware that exchanging information with other persons or sources has its risks of misrepresentation and otherwise. The member accepts that is not part of any such actions and will not be liable for any costs of any nature whatsoever. does not share, condone or promote any of the views, opinions, or discussions shared or published on the platform. is the sole owner and business license holder of all the rights to the services, programs, material, and intellectual property. Should this be breached, the member acknowledges that will suffer substantial damages as a result of such breach. In such an event, whether wilfully conducted or not, the member agrees to be liable for any such damages as may be claimed by is not the manufacturer or agent of any of the goods presented or sold on the platform. The user and/or member fully understands and accepts that cannot render any guarantees or warranties and will not be liable for any defects, damages, or loss relating to the sale, transport, delivery, or function of any goods or equipment in any way. The aforesaid is deemed to be reasonable and enforceable in any forum as the need may arise. Should the member or any other third party institute any action against, these terms will be deemed sufficient to defend such action and claim damages and/or costs from such a person instituting the action.